mardi 28 juin 2011

A 4-days Trip to Vendee

Friday Morning, 9:00am Taoyuan International Airport - Taiwan's main gate to the Outerworld. The sky is clear, the sun shining. I'm watching the planes taking off one after the other, apparently unconscientiously of the gusty winds brought by Taiphoon Meari.

My flight to Hong Kong will take off in slightly more than one hour, provided it is not affected by the strong and whirling winds. This flight is the first step of a 4-days trip which will see me flying to Paris, celebrating my sister's birthday, driving South-West with four old buddies, "marrying" my closest friend and celebrating it as it has to be, driving back to Paris airport, flying back to Hong, finding there Sweet Nicole and flying back with her to Taiwan - the beautiful Island.


Friday, 12:30pm Hong Kong International Airport - Asia central hub. The morning flight was smooth, no delay, a few turbulences before landing. The descent above Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula was amazing, as usual. The sea was really rough around Taiwan coastline, with an exceptional pattern: the big waves, guessed from the white foam at the surface of the sea, were moving in a complete mess, without any common direction: that's the typhoon effect.

During this morning flight I started to look back at the experiences I had in Taiwan since I moved there 2 months and a half ago. I wish I had taken my notebook computer with me to write down these thoughts. The opportunities to take a break and look back are rare since I started working. I moved in a new country, met new friends, entered a new company, started a new job - the first one after graduation - I should find a way to keep track and share more of these experiences!

My next flight will take me to Paris: 13 hours. I'll have to be patient. At least I'm traveling with Cathay - It should be comfortable - and I prepared a few books that I will try to finish.


Tuesday morning, 8:00am at my breakfast table in a street of Taipei. The last days went so perfect. No plane delay, no engine break, no traffic jam, no terrible jet-lag effect. And the wedding was so awesome. The newly wed were beaming with happiness the whole day long, and brought a lot of fun to the party with their cupcake fighting and Tennessee dances! I was really excited to attend this, and the almost 24 hours of travel one way and the other were really worth it! We sent the sky lanterns from the beach, the operation was not made easier by all the champagne that had been drunk so far, but not less than five of them successively took off and disappeared in the sky. Will they be enough to give the newly wed triplets in the first year?

Pictures to come little by little:

The newly wed

College Buddies

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Fabien a dit…

I still can't believe you did the whole trip, all the way from across the globe, to attend our wedding! It is a huge proof of friendship!! :)

It was great to see you there buddy. Just seeing the laid-back picture of us chilling out in the yard makes me realize how actually unreal this all was!

Thanks for sharing this moment with us! I'm sure there must be some Chinese proverb saying "Your best buddy at your wedding, makes your marriage long and prosperous"!!! ;D

(Or if not, we'll prove there ought to be one!)